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Thread: Remmington .22 RF

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    Remmington .22 RF

    Does anyone else have trouble with Remmy .22rf subs loading in a bolt action (CZ452)
    The round scoops out of the mag but will not advance the last 8mm into the chamber.
    Other makes, Eley, Lapua etc been fine. I have several hundred Remmy's as they were a "bargain"
    Thanks Tom
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    hi i have shot remy 22 subs with on trouble.are you usein a plaz cz452 did not like plaz mag or 10 shots mag also plaz

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    mine would shoot rems perfectly, but not cci's, try putting one in by hand without the mag, if it wont slot in, clean your rifle.i use to have a problem when i'd been shooting shorts then changed back to long rifle

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    I'm guessing the rim diameter/thickness is a tad large for your extractor. You can check by disassembling the bolt (for safety) and trying a live round under the extractor. If it's really hard, you can switch ammo or stone your extractor.~Muir

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    Thanks guys, will try these suggestions,

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