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Thread: Shooting wild dogs / dingo`s

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    Shooting wild dogs / dingo`s

    Re the bear thread.
    I`m sure many fellas that wouldn't hunt/shoot a bear might feel the same way about shooting a dingo/wild dog/hybrids.
    Even though they can be and are a destructive pest (farm animals) there are some that cannot bring themselves to shoot them because 'they are dogs'
    How`s this sit with you SD gentlemen?

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    Having had one steal a pack of my burgers on Fraser Island, I'd happily shoot them, no different to Foxes in my book!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    Having had one steal a pack of my burgers on Fraser Island, I'd happily shoot them, no different to Foxes in my book!

    Quite agree!

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    Did my own some years back after it had done its own version of a farm yard slaughter , geese , ducks , hens and rabbits in the time it took the wife to say "i think the dogs got out "

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    Are dingo's not protected? or does it depend wot side of the dingo fence they are on.

    Shooting ferals or half breeds wouldn't be a problem as the cause a lot of damage out there to native species.

    I went for a walk/sightseeing in the Flinders ranges years ago and they're were signs everywhere to keep any dogs in as they had air dropped poison all over the area. If i mind right the poison only kills non native animals mainly cats, dogs and foxes, something to do with some fire retardant chemical that ozzie animals have a tolerance too but non natives dinae, or so the signs said. Quite clever if true

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