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Thread: Buck weights

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    Buck weights

    Desperately trying to think of a subject to get back to general stalking instead of a lot of what's being posted on here at the moment! Has anyone noticed their buck weight are noticeably up this season? Mine usually average around the 34-5lb mark but this year they are noticeably heavier going into the larder, I've had several in the 40lb+ bracket topped off by a 51lber yesterday evening. The mild winter seems to have treated the bucks well down here both in terms of body weight and antler quality.

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    Shot an yearling buck this year, weighed 37lb

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    Havent noticed body weight but general antler quality seems to be on the up

    (I applaud your effort to try to get back to stalking too!!!)

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    agreed, both weight and antlers better than last year.

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    Carcase weight-wise I'm about on target for average this year 33lbs N.E Lancs & S.W Cumbria and 31.5lbs in Galloway (although only shot yearlings and one 2yo in Galloway so it might prove they are up when I take some mature beasts later.

    Antlers seem up, weight and length. Farmers locally report a poor growing season though with temperatures yo yoing, cover was certainly late up here in the woods.

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    Carcase weights on the bucks I've shot so far have an average larder weight of 38.4lb from 41 bucks (actually slightly lower than last year), but the heads this year have been my best yet, 31% medal class.

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    What is "larder" weight,is it dressed carcase after skinning?As you would see it hanging in butchers shop??thanks,martin

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    Larder weight is generally gralloched, in the skin with head and feet off.

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    Bucks i have took are roughly the same as last year heads about the same. I have noticed a few developing webs between the cleeve might be the wet weather lol.

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    Keeping to the point...

    ...well, seven points actually!

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    Came my way on Wednesday evening. He was a tad over the 40lb mark in the larder.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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