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Thread: Lamping Rabbits On Foot. What Equipment ?

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    Lamping Rabbits On Foot. What Equipment ?

    I am thinking of helping someone with rabbit control, however the areas are not accessible with a vehicle of any sort so must be done on foot. Owing to proximity of hazards and ricochet risk the areas are not suitable for a rimfire either. A moderated shotgun would be a possibility.
    Lamping on foot is one aspect of shooting that I have no experience of and the only airgun I have is a HW77K non-fac in .22, which kills rabbits fine at short range if head-shot.
    What would members advise regarding suitable air rifle ? I have never owned a fac rated one nor a multi-shot or pre-charged type.
    Also what lamping kit do you consider best ? Is there a booklet on best method ?

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    keep it simple:

    - Rifle/shot gun
    - Lamp (only needs to extend as par as the effective range of your air rifle/rifle/shotgun)
    - Game bag

    Half a dozen adult rabbits get quite heavy once you've carried them for a while so keep your kit simple and lighweight.

    Can't comment on fac air, but you should be fine with a non fac air or a moderated shotgun (moderated .410 would be ideal, if you can get close enough to them).

    Its good fun, better if there are two of you, one lamps, the other shoots. Youcan also carry twice the number of bunnies home at the end!

    All the best with it.

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    As DD said "Keep it sipmle" rifle /lamp /bag & if possible two are better than one when lamping

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    I do a fair bit of my rabbit and fox lamping on foot. As the others have said, Two people make it easier, A pair of shooting sticks is a must,small head torch, Game bag or roe sack if you want to carry more than 4 at a time. learn the ground well in daylight to be able to best plan your aproach at night and what is safe. if using a .22 air rifle then you will need to use a bit of field craft but as long as you dont go too often and make sure you pick a night with a bit of wind you can have some great sport. FAC air rifles do give you a bit more distance but it comes at a price. I shot 7 bunnies at dusk the other night by stalking around the hedges with my 50ftlb air gun. Not one of them couldn't have been shot with my 97k.

    Good luck, Ezzy

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    I do this 2-3 nights a week at the moment, almost always alone.
    depending on the area I usually take between 10-40 rabbits at a time.

    been an evolution of kit I take but I have whittled it down to the bare minimum:

    Rifle (.22 and .17m2) with scope mounted Tristar lamp with dimmer and red filter, stock mounted battery (I hate being tied to a rifle with a belt battery!)
    In a couple of areas I take the PCP 12ft/lb air rifle as well. its good for 30yards and negates the back stop issue with the rimfires.

    Sticks - a lot of my ground is very flat, still perfectly shootable with .22 subs, sticks give you the angle into the ground (B&Q specials)

    Ammo: I have 5x 5 shot mags and 1x10shot mag, I also have a modified Eley box with the base lined with foam and an elastic band holding the sliding lid down. doesnt rattle and allows me to take 5 rounds at a time out in silence in the dark often whilst walking to the next killing field.

    Nightsight: Aldi special monocular. using it trebled the number or rabbits I can shoot. scan field, walk in, light on, "plop", light off, scan field, walk in, light on, "plop", repeat as required! no clearing of the field with a lamp scan anymore
    (spare AA batteries! bloody annoying when the IR dies half way across a Golf course!)

    Rabbit Carrying "Stick".
    I used to leave them in small piles and pick them up on the way back but a bloody fox took two from right in front of me!
    The first stick I had was a hardwood dowel with 10x 3" screws screwed into it, 5 at each end, slit the rabbits Achilles and slip over the screw.
    I could get 20-25 rabbits on it this way.
    problem was when you put it down and take the weight off they sometimes slipped off.
    I now have this:

    very long bootlace, doubled over. loops at the end and a 1/2 lolly stick taped to the very end.
    Same principle, slits Achilles, push lolly stick and loop through hole and slip loop over end of stick.
    I can get slightly more than 30 on this stick and carry it like a (albeit very heavy) briefcase.
    I just put it down when shooting obviously.
    The idea of a bag doesnt appeal as you are either always carrying them or always picking up and putting down a bag that is noisy.
    rabbits on a string/stick don't russle!
    Using a bag also makes the rabbits look like roadkill as they are all on top of each other. mine are free to dribble and bleed without covering each other (Or me!)

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