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Thread: Belated Introduction

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    Belated Introduction

    Following on from admin's note regarding introduction, I realised I don't think I have made one properly!

    My experience relates to growing up in rural Dumfriesshire with with the usual progression I'm sure many will relate to. I started off using a 12lbs air rifle to shoot at rabbitts and crows. I never had much success with this, being so underpowered and quickly progressed to ferreting with nets or snaring rabbits. We were very effective with these, using them all year round and I think the local rabbit population has never really recovered, although this may also be to do with the increase in buzzards! Then I moved on to a 28 bore sg, 22 rifle and eventually a 243 for roe. I have been lucky enough to do summer jobs where I was allowed to shoot the occasional red on the hill but since then I have only stalked roe accross the UK. I my view this is the king of sports, far more testing than shooting clays or stalking red deer on the hill. There is no other stalking that combines the same need for fieldcraft, knowledge of your quary, physical ability and constant alertness as roe stalking. I am definately not a calibre junkie, having found all to work in a pretty similar fashion on roe at close ranges. I currently have an old 308 BSA, becasue it was cheap.

    Best, Muddy

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    Welcome to SD Muddy......

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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