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Thread: Easy clean kennels

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    Easy clean kennels

    I'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced low maintenance and easy clean kennel. I've found this one which is exactly the right size but is expensive enough to make me build my own out of stockboard or tuffnell.

    Does anyone know of any other manufacturers who are a bit cheaper - I'm happy to pay a bit for an easy life but over 300 feels a bit ott.

    Has anyone made their own out of stockboard etc.?

    Thanks for any advice / reccomendations

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    I though at 328 the kennel seemed quite reasonable based on the cost of the materials involved.

    When you compare it to the wooden kennel manufactures it is decidedly cheap, I paid over 600 for mine. No doubt you could save a bit making it yourself but it would cost a small fortune for the materials. plus my wood working skills aren't up to it.



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    It looks very good value for money to me and should last a long time too!

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    Please don`t take this answer the wrong way.
    This type of question comes up every so often on different forums as regards housing for our hunting companions wether it`s ferrets or dogs. (I take it we are talking about a working dog in this case?)
    My answer in every case is this-
    Buy the best you can afford. If they put the graft in for you year upon year then they deserve the best in return.
    If we can justify spending hundreds on a rifle and hundreds more on a scope then a few hundred on your hunting partner should be worth it.
    My answer isn`t meant to offend you, it`s just my honest opinion.
    Shall i get my coat and leave now?? 8)

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    Make your own kennels.

    It is considerably cheaper, if you have a bit of skill and time to build your own, you will probably find that you'll use better quality materials. On one of these plans, you can probably build for half price.

    This site has a design for a kennel that you could build yourself.

    For me the down side of wooden kennels are that they are a nightmare if you get a chewer, also over time the wood degrades and then a determined dog can get out (and yes she did, burst out through the mesh)

    The upshot being, build your own with good quality materials and everyone will be happy.

    Happy building

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