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Thread: The Cost of DSC1

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    The Cost of DSC1

    DSC 1 Costs effective 29th June 2012


    4 Course 275 Includes DSC 1 Manual (30 if Purchased separately)
    Assessment Only 160
    Ultimate Deer Data + Assessments 175


    4 day course 290

    Donnington Deer Management

    4 Day Course 305
    Assessment only 145

    Barony College
    2 Day Course 290

    Yorkshire Roe Stalking

    2 Day Course 300
    Assessment only 130

    Greenlee Deer Stalking

    3 Day Course 295 Including Lunches and Manual
    Assessment only 145

    Moray Outfitting

    2 Day Course 280
    Our Two day Course cost is 280 including Assessment Registration, test fees etc, David Stretton DSC1 Manual and one month free access to DSCTrainer's website.

    Corinium Rifle Range
    3 Day Course 290

    299 includes free access to Jelen ILC (Interactive Learning Centre), free CD Rom, pre-course learning material.

    4 Day Course 290
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    I thought Barony was 2 day weekend courses for 295.

    you missed Borders College in St. Boswells and Elmwood in Fife

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    Just goes to show you can do it with who you want as the costs are so similar. In my case with Jelen it was offset by not having to take 4 days off work. Self employed it saves a packet.
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    If you know of any more just add them or pm me and I will edit my post

    Couldn't find a price on Jelens website

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    299 when I did it, with a free stalk included and access to the interactive learning thingumy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Lewis View Post
    If you know of any more just add them or pm me and I will edit my post

    Couldn't find a price on Jelens website
    Hi Mr. Lewis,

    Jelen price is 299. Price includes free access to our ILC (Interactive Learning Centre), free CD Rom, pre-course learning material and free telephone/email pre-course advice.



    PS. Two days.

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    I have to do the meat Hygeine part of DSC1 because my qualification was sooo old it didnt include it.

    Im doing this with Jelen next month. Point is that Mike let me into the Interactive Learning program and its really good.

    All credit to you Mike. Really professional response.

    Those of you worried about doing exams. I thoroughly recommend this.

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    Mr. Lewis hello,


    DSC1 courses include the manual, lunches and very happy to give any pre course advice.

    We also do the assessment only at 145.

    Best regards.


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    Jelen Deer Services Eastern region offer free range time to any one worried about the shooting Exam that's a big plus to any one that's new to centre fire rifles.

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    NGO 290
    run over two weekends so 4 day course and no time off work - includes manual, no hidden costs.

    The NGO course also covers large and small game meat so you can sell Rabbits and pheasants as well as the deer at no extra charge.

    They are going to be running a course in Hants / Berks / Wilts later this year. Check out the website.

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