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Thread: Fully suppressed

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    Fully suppressed

    Has anyone any experience of using a 'fully suppressed' rifle?

    Would they have any application to stalking, or does the suppression reduce muzzle velocities to such an extent to prevent them from being deer legal?


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    To be truly quiet a bullet must leave the muzzle at below the speed of sound which is just under 1000 feet per second. Subsonic 22rf through a silencer just give a quiet thud.

    For a stalking rifle legla requirement is a minimum muzzle velocity of 2400 feet per second if in England and 2450 if in Scoltnad (willing to stand corrected!!!) so to yo cannot get a fully silneced rifle.

    A stalking rifle moderator takes out all the bang, but you still get the crack of the bullet.

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    In theory you could have a fully suppressed twelve bore shot gun firing solid slug that would be deer legal (for that limited class of person entitled to use one on deer) and actually probably very efficient under certain circumstances.

    Also, as there is no velocity requirement in England and Wales provided you could achieve the muzzle energy requirement it would also be possible.

    I have seen fired fully suppressed weapons and they are remarkably quiet! The ultimate silent killer (but now illegal under Mrs Thatcher's Wildlife and Countryside Act) was, of course, the bow and arrow or the crossbow.

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    Hi Guys

    My friend who makes the copper bullets also makes rifles. here is a .338 Lap mag fully moderated target rifle. Neat hey!


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    OOOHHH isn't that pretty

    bet the cops love that ...not

    I have seen a fully moderated snipers rifle but wasn't into the whole velocity/muzzle energy thing at the time just thought it was very quiet and very neat

    Theguy who built it said the other rifle they had was so quiet all you could hear was the click as the striker hit the primer but I never saw that one sadly, so don't know how true that is.

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    Legal , it goes PSHHHST PUTT !!!.
    In all seriousness . a great mans gun , just wouldn't' want it on a stalk!! Mark what range are we speaking give a meter or 2 .

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    Hi Trapper

    A 338 Lap Mag is a +1000m effective rifle so that will save you having to stalk in to the deer, you can just jump in the truck later and pick it up.

    The only way to lose the supersonic crack of the bullet is to go subsonic with a 300 whisper. Now you are in the land of James Bond


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    Well Mark, now I did german at school but all i can determine from that is that those bullets look vicous!

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    Unfortunately I don't think you can get 300 whisper to be powerful enough to be deer legal in the UK...

    There is this article about the 338 BR for deer: unfortunately that is not subsonic... So bang goes that idea

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    Actually, I think you need a 700 grain bullet to be deer legal and subsonic... Rather conveniently, Hornady does a 750 grain 50 cal bullet.

    500 whisper anyone (it exists)? I'd like to see someone get that approved by the police

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