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Thread: another call from the farmer

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    another call from the farmer

    i got a call from a farmer concerned that foxes where hanging around the ducks and chickens and could i try and drop them. i called out around 1700 the other evening more to show my face as the rain hasnt helped with lamping the last couple of weeks. my son brought along his 13 month gwp for a run and for some experience. We spotted two cubs at 500 meters ( the land is also my range so i know the distances). we stalked in to about 150m using some cover to get closer and dropped one the cubs. the other disappeared pretty sharpish but i was more pleased for my son and his pup. the pup found the cub and retrieved it for my son and then followed the trail that the second cub had taken.

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    Excellent! We keep threatening to get a pup to train as a foxing assistant.

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    Excellent result, just keep a close eye on possible disease's, Mike's cub last night, was well advanced with Mange.
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    Will do but I haven't seen too much mange in the past few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    Will do but I haven't seen too much mange in the past few years.
    We really only see it around here when those bleddy 'charities' have been out dumping town foxes. I shot one back along that was so riddled with it that it looked as though it was half-fox and half-rat...

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    Am I correct in saying that the mite that causes mange is present in all dogs and foxes on a small level. When the immune system is weaknes by worms or illness then the mite can take hold and mange will shortly follow. Its a terrible thing to see and I can only imagine the suffering caused to the animal.

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    Just caught up with the second cub from last week. It was being mobbed by a group of crows as it strolled along a lane. Anyway one less to worry about

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    About a third of foxes I have shot so far this year have suffered from various stages of mange. I never handle them before donning disposable rubber gloves even though I'm not sure how much of a risk it is to humans?

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    Mange in itself isn't really a problem with humans but there are a few other nasties foxes can carry so I always glove up to move them. Apart from when you get a really smelly one and then have to drive and it takes so long to get rid of the smell on the steering wheel its ridiculous. I tend to treat my GWP with advocate monthly as I believe it sorts mange mites as well she loves foxes but you get the odd one you're really pleased to spot before she gets there, we had this one last year about as bad as it gets

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    You did that one a favour.

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