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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please

    I recently got a ppi payout, and applied the thirty percent rule when telling the mrs (she thinks the amount to be a third of the real amount) so basically have a nice bit of cash.

    I've been desperate for some high end bins (thinking EL's) but I'm still a bit put off by brand new price. Would you go brand new or attempt to find some good quality second hand ones?

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    S/H or ex demo ones from a dealer.


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    Andibrains With a bit of picking and choosing a very nice second hand pair can be sourced. Something always appears on this site from time to time.

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    I would go new EL's if I were you

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    Quote Originally Posted by crouch valley View Post
    I would go new EL's if I were you
    Why just out of interest?

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    Hello mate before you buy a set of el's go and have a look at the new meopta hd's they are the same glass lighter and half the price!!

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    I've heard that secondhand ELs can either a) not be much cheaper than new, and b) if factory re-furbished can be as good as new.
    If you find a used pair, you probably won't go wrong.

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    hi mate.i did same thread about 2 month ago and got alot of input that helped, my mate has a set of zeiss, swarovski and set of minox HG and i tried them all. in the end i got a set of minox HG, because i didn't think there was any real difference in any of them apart from the price some people said get S/H and some said in the end i went for new minox HG,but the price varied quit a lot from 590 to 799 in the end i got them at camera shop that had them on sale at 589 so if you need or want the name and number i would look them out ,hope it helps,love mine after using a cheap set for so long

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    I would be in a similar situation to you if my wife hadn't opened the letter from the bank offering us 9000
    Even so its a nice little bonus, Mr Davies i feel a couple of stalks might be booked with you.
    I have to say my blood boils when i see these company's offering to get your ppi back, they do nothing you cant do yourself and take 30% for doing it

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    It's terrible, for m the whole process was as difficult as a single phone call and a single form. I didn't even know if I had paid ppi but the banks are obliged to tell you but ONLY if you ask

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