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Thread: Scottish (wash out) Gamefair

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    Scottish (wash out) Gamefair

    For all those that are going, take wellingtons the mud is ankle deep ,best bit of the day was watching vehicles trying to get out the car park wheels doing 70mph and the vehicle doing 2mph lol.

    There should be plenty of water damaged stock for sale by Sunday lol.

    Some of the dogs looked as if they had been out on the mud wildfowling .

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    hope its better the mora cheers will take the wellies

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    I think we are giving it a miss!

    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean View Post
    hope its better the mora cheers will take the wellies
    me to hope it better because it only day i can go

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    Think I'll wait till Sunday..looks a bit better forecast :/

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    Hi All it's getting a bit expensive 17 entry, that 34 plus fuel another 30 all for over priced stuff that you can get online

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    Check my thread above - the rest of the fair has been cancelled due to the flooded site.

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    game fare

    Dont think i will go the weather for that side is p---ing all day and all weekend .
    Anyway its the same thing every year you get ripped off even before you get in the gatesand so say all of us.

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    bugger up from kent isthere anything else on this weekend up here
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    Well I had a great show yesterday!
    Met up with plenty of folk I havent seen for ages , bought a few things that were fairly keenly priced,and had a good look at loads of other stuff.

    It was actualy good to see a fair that didnt have too many numpties in trainers and shell suit types.LOL
    For those I didnt catch up with ,theres always Moy later on.

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