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Thread: Tikka T3 Varmint Stainless Synthetic .223 1:8"

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    Tikka T3 Varmint Stainless Synthetic .223 1:8"

    Tikka T3 Varmint Stainless Synthetic .223 Rem 1:8” Twist

    24” fast twist barrel (not many about), screw cut 18x1 and proofed
    Third Eye Tactical Spartan over barrel sound moderator
    6 round mag, modified to take 75 grain A-Max so no need for fiddly single shot loading
    Super accurate and excellent at longer ranges with heavy bullets, shoots 75 grainers in .5” and 69 SMKs into .170” at 100yds. Shoots 53 grn V-Max into .25” and clover leaf’s 55 grn Blitzkings nicely.
    I’ve shot this rifle successfully out to 600+ yards
    Includes 1” Optilock mounts and rings
    Scope and pod not included.

    Rifle, Mounts/Rings & Mod £875 + any transfer fees

    69 Grain SMK
    Billy no guns.

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    Lovely piece of kit shame im after a lighter one, or id have been giving you a call, best of luck with the sale

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    I know steve he really looks after his kit. And is a good honest guy. Anyone who buys this rifle will get a cracker

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    this was my old rifle. very nice and accurate , i needed something lighter otherwise i wouldnt of sold it

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    Do you mind if i ask how you adapted the mag for the heavier rounds? I to have a T3 1:8 and they shoot very well. I wish this was put up 2 months ago!



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    Price Drop & May Split

    Price is dropped to £850 + any transfer fees. I will also consider splitting although rifle must sell first.

    Rifle £650 without optilocks. Got some Leupolds I'll chuck in.
    Spartan Mod £175
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    Billy no guns.

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    Last price drop to £825 for the package (£800 with Leupold rings and mounts). Will split as follows, rifle must go first:Rifle with Optilock mounts/rings £675Rifle with Leupold mounts/rings £650Spartan Mod £150
    Billy no guns.

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