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Thread: I need some advice on scope mount bases?

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    I need some advice on scope mount bases?

    I've been trying to get some new bases for my Midland .270, formerly Parker Hale. From what I've been told they were the same as the Parker Hales and built on a Mauser 98 action.

    I was looking at Warne bases as I've got a set of Warne scope rings I want to fit to it. From their base chart it shows the M902/830 bases for the Parker Hale rifles. I contacted Warne and they said that these would be the ones for that rifle.

    So after after ordering them and a long wait for the bases to arrive, you guessed it, they don't fit! I thought I'd covered all the 'bases' in my research!

    So if any of you well informed people out there can help me with this one I would be very grateful.

    If I have to go for a different manufacturer I will, I just went for Warne as I had already acquired the scope rings at a discount price. (Family member had bought them but then didn't use them)

    Thanks in advance,


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    Brithunter is your man for this. He is on most days and will probably know the answers. Good luck.

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    Try Norman Clark gunsmiths, I got weaver bases from them when I had my old midland 308.


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    Scott you have been told wrong, the midland is not based on a K98 action. The midland is the bolt from a 1903 springfield contained within a receiver of Parker Hales own design. Norman Clark is probably your best source for bases.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Cheers for the info people!

    Currently working on it and will hopefully get it sorted.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi there. The Midland 2100, assuming it is a Parker-Hale Birmingham one and not the terrible Gibbs Rifle Co knock off , has an action built for P-H to utilise a Springfield 03 type bolt:-

    Notice the large third lug in front of the rear bridge of the receiver:-

    Those Leupold bases had been fitted by someone and I was not happy with the fit so swapped them out for P-H bases on this one.

    The P-H bases are #39 Front and #40 rear.

    Of course that means finding the bases and suitable P-H rings which is getting more difficult now.

    However as you are wanting to use the Warne rings which I believe fit weaver style bases you need Weaver #71 & #75 for the Midland 2100. Hope that helps.

    To me it says a lot about Warne if they gave you that mis-information .

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    do you still have the Leupold bases you took off it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    do you still have the Leupold bases you took off it?
    Yes I do. My intention was to fit them properly at some point and get the rings to suit. When I got the rifle the rings had been lost, most likely sold by the dealer it seems as we were told he had them but then he never could seem to find them, so I needed rings. I had P-H ones on hand and the correct bases so swapped them and put away the Leupold bases for future use. Need to get some new Torx screws as who ever did the fitting has chewed on up a bit and replaced one with a normal hex headed one.

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    A big 'Thank You' to all who replied to this thread. As has been said I was misinformed about the action, but the problem is now resolved. A quick phone call to Norman Clark had a set of bases ordered that they had in stock and they will be with me this week! I wish I'd just asked before hand rather than trying to work it out for myself, I could have been up and running weeks ago!

    Thank you to Brit for the usual high level of information. Although you did give me a scare with the comment about the 'knock off copies' but I'm glad to say I'm OK.


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