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Thread: DS2 Cert arrived.

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    DS2 Cert arrived.

    I arrived home yesterday and there was a big brown envelope waiting for me, with all my paperwork and my DSC2 certificate and badge.

    In the end I took two years to complete my portfolio.
    My first witnessed stalking weekend made me realise that I needed to put more time in on my own, improve all my gear, and learn as much as I could, but it was time well spent and it's always nice to do something just because you want to.

    I want to say a very big thanks to IanF for setting me on the right road.
    Almost two years ago I spent a long weekend out stalking with him.
    He is a wealth of information and I learnt a lot. Well worth a visit.

    A park cull with Mike and the team at Jelen was extremely useful, and a few other culling weekends at local venues gave me lots of additional information, as well as a master class on ageing deer from Dave Mullen.
    It's always good to get the numbers up, and to view other peoples grallock technique and spend time dressing deer whilst being observed.

    Robbo at yds was an absolute star on getting me into my last two culls, and great company as well.
    The amount of information and knowledge that he gives out during a stalk is easily enough to fill a book. Can't recommend him enough.

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    Sounds like you had a good few lads to help you on your way with it mate. Going to register for mine soon, so hope it goes as well as yours. ATB.

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    Well done mate!
    Must be a great feeling when you get the cert through!

    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    Congratulations on your DSC2.

    A real achievement and well done.

    Kind regards


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    Congratulaions Cooter, Iam busy doing mine,it must feel satisfying after all the hard slog, very well done

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    It is good to have it completed, and something else I don't have to factor in to the work load any more.

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    Well done Cooter, I am on the last legs of mine with third AW stalk now under belt and portfolio to check and send off.


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