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Thread: March and Shoot.

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    March and Shoot.

    To members of the Stalking Directory.

    I am writing this due to the fact that I bid on some items last year in the M&S auction. However before the auction ended various personal circumstances meant I have only now been able to log on.

    The bids were meant in good faith and would have been fully paid for.
    However they were not taken up by me and as I'm unsure whether they were re-bid on.

    So there I hold up my hands and am very willing to send a donation to a charity or a Stalking cause (not sure if there is one) or will add some items to the next auction (if there is one) for example an evening wild duck flighting in Dorset for 2 guns or Roebuck from highseat in Wiltshire etc etc.

    Good stalking and regards,

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    I hope all your difficulties are behind you and I for one will not judge so well done I'm sure Admin will perhaps advise on your generous offer.

    Welcome back


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    the March and Shoot auction was only hosted on this site we, the admin, had nothing to do with the running of it, that was done entirely by a group of willing volunteers. Therefore we are unable to tell you what happened to the lots that you bid on, it may be that one of the organisers will contact you and bring you up to date.

    There is, as I understand it, a website going to be set up by the organisers of the original March and Shoot, dedicated entirely to organising and running similar events in the future. We have no more details than this I am afraid.

    However in the future on this site our Stu, Tartinjock, who is away in Afghanistan serving at the moment will as soon as he gets settled in and stops ducking bullets be giving us what updates he can in relation to how things are over there. He is also going to be running a marathon, he is of course completely barking, and organising various other fund raising activities for which he will be looking for sponsorship, so there is one for the future for you. How he is going to manage this I have no idea but I do know that we support him all the way.

    Hope this helps


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