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Thread: oposed to 50mm bell end

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    ,i normally allway,s go for a 50mm objective on my scope,s,mainly as i do a lot of shooting at night,on the lamp,never used a 40mm,
    now i need a new scope.for my 204,mainly for day shooting to about 350,400,yds,i was after some feed back as to which sise is better,have been offered a few bushnell,scopes,and they all seem to be 40mm,would love to have a nice high end job,but just cant afford the silly prices they go for,so a compromise is needed,
    i have an mtc viper on her at the mo,ideal for target,but not so good for tracking bunnies,head position is critical,not allway,s easy lieing in a field,where the bunnies dictate the position,bugger,s like to hop, had me a look around and cant find any leupolds or such in my price range,about the 400 mark,so look,s like a s/h bushnell 6500,any info apreciated,,,ian

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    I have a VX3 6.5-20x40 with Varmint reticule that would work a charm on a 204.
    its in the advert section.

    PM me

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