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Thread: I have ordered a new rifle in 30-06

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    I have ordered a new rifle in 30-06

    If you shoot a 30-06 how do you find it on roe up to reds
    Your comments welcome

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    I have used my 30-06 on 9 muntjac and 2 roe bucks and hopefully will bag a moose with it this Autumn, can't see it being a problem with a red.

    I'm using a 200 grain Lapua Mega with a velocity of approx 790-800 m/s, the damage has been very little and the exit is about the size of a 50p piece.

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    30/06 and .308 are interchangable in performance of small and medium species, so to is the feedback. It will be good on all deer up to and past reds. i would stay with 150 and 165 gn projectiles in a standard SP style.

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    last year I was using it on some roe and on reds with 180g nosler partition. nothing ran, no massive damage, no bullets 'under-expanded'.

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    Although I own and "used" to shoot a 30-06 the only deer killed with it was a road casualty Fallow shot at point blank range. However I had used the .308 quite a bit.

    IMHO the .308 works best with bullets up to and including 165 grains. Anything heavier becomes the 30-06 territory. The .308 lacks powder space to give the heavier bullets the velocity which of course the 30-06 has the powder capacity.

    Yes I have shot Roe with 180 grain bullets out of the .308 and yes they work but as I got older and gained more experience it became clear to me at least that 165 grain weight is really the ceiling for the .308 weight wise. Those days I didn't have the 30-06 that only being obtained about 10-20 years ago. Nope then I was also shooting a Ruger No1B in 300 Win Mag. The 165 grain bullets were cracking in that cartridge .

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    In my opinion Brithunter has got it about right.
    For all UK species of Deer the .308 with 150gn bullets or the 30-06 using 180gn bullets is about right.
    I have seen Muntjac shot with 30-06 180gn bullets and the carcass has been acceptable and I have seen Roe shot with a .308 150gn bullets and not acceptable.
    So in all cases both rifles with the suggested bullet weights are good but bullet placement makes all the difference !!

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    Bullet design is more important than bullet weight per se.

    If you match the velocity to the bullet you will be fine whatever you choose.

    A search on my profile will bring up some load data and observations on various bullets and loads in my 06.

    I've settled on a 180grain Hornady BTSP interlock for pretty much everything from muntjac to moose, with everything in between.

    Loaded to 2500-2700 fps they drop anything suitable with decent placement and meat damage on smaller species is perfectly acceptable, about like Jonher describes.

    For show and extra peace of mind I play with things like 200 grain Accubonds, 180 grain partitions and 168gr TSX but although I admit they penetrate better, they don't seem to kill much better.

    For the first two years in the UK I used a 150gr Speer BTSP at 2800 fps ( 308 velocity ) and it did fine from muntjac to big rutting fallow buck, more damage than the Hornady though.

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