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Thread: CZ550 Varmint heavy barrel - pros and cons?

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    CZ550 Varmint heavy barrel - pros and cons?

    Hi Guys

    Just put a deposit down on a CZ550 for longer distance paper and possibly stalking (as it's threaded).

    Any advice on breaking in/handling 308 loads?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Clean it well once you get it, then shoot it. The fabled "running in" is just that in many people's opinion, and besides, the test firing rounds the factory did took care of any loving cadence you'd be firing. I've never done it and never known a loss. ~Muir

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    I second Muir's advice. A few strokes with the rod then head get out and shoot.

    I must admit after visiting the CZ factory I am hankering after one of their rifles. I feel a connection to them some how.

    A 527 .17HH is on the cards.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    . A few strokes with the rod then head get out and shoot

    how rude...

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    I am also not a great believer in what you are ment to do running in a new barrel,I bought myself a new remy custom 6 weeks ago and did the running in procedure,fire one clean,fire one clean,fire one clean,fire 3 clean x 3,fire 10 clean x 3 then clean at the end,did 10 bore cleans,it took me 3 and a half hours,was well peed off with cleaning it to say the least,don't think I will bother again somehow,it's a range rifle mainly,hope I will see the benefits from it.

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    Thanks guys. Any idea how many round the factory puts through them? If its any more than two or three the complex cleaning appears to be a waste of time.



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    Proofing requires two or three rounds. Testing I believe is usually Five shots. So that's between Five and Eight rounds fired before it leaves the factory in the case of a CZ rifle.

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