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Thread: At what point

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    At what point

    Does Calibre choice become personal preference.
    ie 22 hornet has a range and bullet weight advantage over 22 rimfire
    likewise 243 over 22 hornet.
    Now without going to plains game or dangerous game, just sticking to UK deer species, and using both metric and imperial calibres, is there a cut off point for advantage and from then on personal preference?

    Just curious


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    I foresee a very large can of worms. I'm staying out of this one.

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    I agree. The question is one that will generate considerable response, and probably debate, and never provide an answer to your question. It's like walking into a room full people and asking what icecream flavor is the best. Better narrow the scope, Amigo.~Muir

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    Yes there is a lies exactly at 6.5x55

    Now runs, ducking, for the door. (well, someone had to get it going!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax
    Yes there is a lies exactly at 6.5x55

    Now runs, ducking, for the door. (well, someone had to get it going!)
    i thought it was the 22-250!

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    Is anybody going to be brave enough to start off the war, err I mean debate, because I'm not


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    I know the weather in Skye has been bad Frax, but you are verging on suicide there. Keep your head down from the incoming .270 and .300 brigade.

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    Yip, I'm going to dive in and make some unsupported statements which I will then stick to for the duration of the debate

    In the end it is always personal choice and I think that is a very good thing. We live in a country with CCTV on every corner and a government that is telling you how to carry your shopping home from the shops and what to put in your bin. They also want to restrict how you can drive to work, what speed you can drive at and have a commitment to force people onto collectivized transport systems. Almost every aspect of our lives is now monitored and controlled "for our own good." Stalkers in general seem not to be the type that like having their lives controlled "for their own good."

    Under such circumstances I think it is only fair that people are allowed some freedom from the nanny state and while the state certainly attempts to interfer we still have a reasonable choice of calibre/cartridge open to us and I believe that people should be free to make this choice. I'm a big fan of the bog standard boring stuff just to make life simple and so I have a 308 Win. It is legal for all deer in the UK, you can get ammo nearly everywhere, there is a good availability when it comes to reloading and in terms of performance at <200 yard stalking ranges it is within an inch of anything out there. For me those were good reasons to have it but I defend the position of others to select something different.

    In terms of ethics and the intent of the OP I suspect that most people on this site are using a cartridge that is up to the job. There is always going to be some debate about whether 243 is enough for a big stag for example but I would venture to suggest that, while it wouldn't be the one for me, anyone who is having problems with it is likely to change to something bigger. With this in mind I suspect that the cartridge performance aspect of our sport is largely self regulating, at least for the ethical sportsman.

    Based upon this logic I believe that most stalkers are capable of understanding the limits of cartridge performance and of selecting a cartridge that suits them and that is up to the job. No stalker is going to "prefer" a 22lr for red stags and so the decision they make is going to be personal preference sitting atop a good pile of common sense. In my view this is the way it should be and we should encourage diversity within our sport as in the long run it encourages all of us to take responsibility for our decisions and, therefore, to be responsible, careful, sensible and safe stalkers.

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    There is not such a thing as a`best calibre`, correct bullet placement at a sensible distance determines the final result .
    Type of bullet selected in ANY calibre can also seriously affect the final outcome .

    From 1972 to 1993 I shot many deer in Eire with .22/250 , 5.6X57 and 5.6X61 Vom. Hofe Super Express because of perverse legislation .
    Of these the .22/250 was the worst and the Vom Hofe the best having a muzzle energy similar to that of a 7X57 , also the 77gr bullet utilised was designed for shooting Roe and Chamois not small furry and feathered creatures .

    Since 1961 I have shot many hundreds of deer of seven species from Muntjac to Moose but have always followed the path of the late Robert Ruark whose password was `USE ENOUGH GUN`.

    Here in our own land for Deer I have used mainly 7X65R , 7mm Rem. Mag., .30/06 , and .270 .
    Some were shot with .243 , 7X64 , 8X68S and .300 Win. Mag.

    In Sweden I have shot Roe and Beaver with the 6.5X55 but have never rated it any better than most of the others I have used .

    As stated previously a correctly placed shot at a sensible distance with a suitable projectile is the way forward for correct and humane management of any creature .

    HWH .

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