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Thread: .223 75grn A Max loading information

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    .223 75grn A Max loading information

    My .223 has a 1:8 barrel so am looking to try some 75grn A max. Can anybody give me some info on their own loads?

    COL is not an issue as they will be loaded in an AI mag which is based on a .308 so plenty long enough.



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    I have had good results loading N140 start at 24.4, I used Australian ADI cases and CCI primers, Varget works well
    it has been a while since I have shot the rifle it is a Remington 700 with a 28" barrel built for NRA long range matches
    when I was working up loads for it sub 1/2" groups were normal, N540 is also a good powder, I tried Winchester 748 got high velocity but not as accurate as the other powders, get Lapua cases if you can I found them the best but hard to find down here, my barrel has fired over 6000 rounds and is still ok as a varmint rifle if some what heavy. Robert.

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    I used 24.9g Varget in norma brass loaded 20 thou off the lands. Gives 2754fps through my 20" 1:9 Steyr with 0.7" 5 shot group when last tested.
    The only thing with the 75g amax is there seems to be quite a bit of inconsistancy with the weight of bullet. I use 70g Berger VLD's now which are great
    plus they fit in the mag!

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    i have the same mag and 1 in 8 n140 cci450 primers and seat 20 - 10 tho of the lands.i use 24 grns of n 140 but thats over if you go by hornady but under max if you go by vit so start low pal.i found varget was also good but for me vit had the edge.i'm in glos tomorrow so if you want to check your chamber length pm me and meet me hucclecote area if it helps.

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