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Thread: Tikka T3 Lite or Sako 85?

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    Tikka T3 Lite or Sako 85?

    I'm looking at getting a new rifle in .308 or .243 (have a .243 xbolt atm so depends whether my FLO lets me get another deer gun or I do a like for like).

    These two makes seem to be highly rated - does anyone have any experience with both? Which would you recommend if so?

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    Both great rifles . If you have spare cash then the sako is the rifle to buy

    ATB steve

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    as above

    tikka is an excellent rifle but the sako is "the" rifle to have! i have owned both and couldnt say one performed better than the other however the sako to me has had more thought put in to the design (magazine release, stock etc)

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    Leave the Tikka in the shop and buy the '85


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    Sako. I've heard of people buying Tikka and wishing they'd just paid that extra for the Sako.
    I've got 2 - lovely rifles.

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    ive got a 85 in .243 and its a really solid built peice of kit and i would definatly recomend one to anyone else

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    Sako all day long, I have 2 in .243 a friend has a Tikka but wishes he had saved a few more pennies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virbius View Post
    I've heard of people buying Tikka and wishing they'd just paid that extra for the Sako.
    I've heard of people buying Tikka and wondering how a Sako could shoot any better.

    Seriously, it just comes down to personal preference. The T3s are amazing for the price, the Sako has a heavier and more "quality" feel, but there is bugger all difference in performance.

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    See Jackfish posts recently.

    He had exactly the same quandry. Nothing wrong with either rifle and the 'grass is greener' syndrome cuts both ways.

    However, on trying the T3 it just didnt feel right to him, whereas the Sako felt just right. All the techy bits aside, how a sporting rifle feels and the confidence you have in it will outweigh 90% of the mechanics.

    We havent had an unhappy customer with either of these. My personal choice is Sako - but it is just that, personal.
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