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Thread: .17 Remington

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    .17 Remington

    Thinking about getting a .17 Remington but i don't now that much about them.
    Any one on this sight use one or had any experiance of the .17 remington.



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    hi john ive had a 17 fireball and now currently have a 17 Remington. a couple of friends of mine have had 17 Remington's on and off for years and years and really rate them.
    you really need to reload if you want one to get the best out of this calibre.

    there isn't much or any factory offerings now ? unless you can get the importers over here to get one for you. you could go the route of getting a action and having it rebarreled
    in 17 remignton. if you go this route get a 1 in 9 twist barrel. so you can shoot the high bc 25 vmax.

    the 17 rem is a good fox and vermin round. and these bullets very rarely exit on foxes. it dumps all the ftlb inside them. when you pick them up there like a bag of soup.
    the only downfall of the 17 calibres has been the lack of really good brass. but in the summer nostler are bringing out there range of custom brass for the 17 remington

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    Been using various 17 rem rifles since the 1990's.
    Bullet choice is critical. The 20 grain v max is on the light side for foxes, other than daft cubs. I like the 25 grain Berger bullets. I prefer N140 to the other powders I have tried. Don't listen to the American opinions that only Rem 7 1/2 primers will do. The Federal 205M is a better option, giving better accuracy in the 8 or so 17 rem chambered rifles I've owned/used.
    The 25 grain Hornady HP is too tough now, but the old stock of these is a fine bullet.
    The lack of recoil is a pleasure. You will see maybe 8 out of 10 bullets impact, even with a light sporter weight rifle.
    Wind drift and excessive fouling of a good barrel are a problem only in the minds of Internet educated fools who have never shot one.
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    Had 2 of these, a tikka hunter and a sako 75 varminter - both fantastic. I would of got another but tikka/sako no longer offer the calibre so changing to 204R. I'm sure the .17rem made me look a better shot than I am, it's so easy to shoot and I think its one of the safest calibres around, bullets break up at the slightest touch and they bleed energy quickly after about 300m. if you can get a decent rifle you wont be
    disappointed - Paul

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    Just got mine back from the gunsmith. Sako 75 Varmint. Need to fit scope and shoot barrel in. 60cm LW stainless barrel, 1-9" twist to shoot 25grs V Max and 30 grs Berger.

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    I had a 17 for about 10 years. i used Remmy factory ammo in it and it clover leafed. It did exit on most foxes that i shot with it - plenty. Shot sweet and only real quibble was waiting for importers to get ammo shipped (early 90's and pre to my reloading) i would heartily recommend one

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    Thanks for the coments.

    Was thinking getting hold of a action & getting a new barrel fitted.
    Any recomendations on the best action for this.
    Was hoping to pick up a Tikka 595 if i can find one.
    I home load so hopefully loading wont be a problem.

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    I have a Thompson Contender with a 14 inch barrel in .17rem so it is a bit short overall and you do need ear plugs but it shoots fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MACKY View Post
    Thanks for the coments.

    Was thinking getting hold of a action & getting a new barrel fitted.
    Any recomendations on the best action for this.
    Was hoping to pick up a Tikka 595 if i can find one.
    I home load so hopefully loading wont be a problem.
    There is one on guntrader at the moment. Bit dear tho imo.

    Really like the m595 thats what mine is. Mcmillan stock and shilen fluted barrel. Lovely rifle

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    The last time I was in Morgans of Oswestry they had a 595 in .17rem (it might even have been my old rifle) It was a while ago but there is every chance it's still there. As for brass, there is a carrier bag full of the stuff sat in my shed. .17rem is a very safe round and there is deffinately something apealing about it. I would imagine that I shot about 80 foxes and about the same number of rabbits with mine over the course of a couple of years. I did get more runners than I would normally get with the .223 but it might just have been bullet weight. A good few years ago I had a .17AH and that performed about the same. I never had any issue with the wind at sensible ranges and as long as you kept it fairly clean it shot like a dream.
    These days I like to keep things nice and simple so I use a 595 in .223.

    Good luck, Ezzy

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