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Thread: 204 or 20 tac

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    204 or 20 tac

    hi guy's. as some will know my local permission is not cleared for cf, only rimfire but i,m trying to reach a happy medium with firearms department and instead of pushing for my 22/250 to use for a fox problem i was thinking of putting forward a smaller calibre as they will not accept 17 hmr or 22wmr.
    so i,m thinking either 20 tac or a 204 most of the shooting will be at night either on lamp or nv just wondering what you would go for and why.
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    It is hilarious that an FLO would allow a smaller CF that is actually commonly restricted on most ranges due to the high muzzle velocity/energy.
    How in god's name is a .204" bullet clocking 3500fps any different to a .224" clocking 3500fps!?

    personally I would push for the calibre you want and ask the FLO to explain the physics and logic of any restriction to a CF calibre which for all intents and purposes is identical to the next!

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    I can't believe what you guys go through; it's like asking the local streets weeper for advice on aerodynamics.

    Back to subject: The 20 Tactical. It was designed so that you make your brass from .223 with a Full Length sizing die. No fuss, no muss.~Muir

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    If you want an off the shelf rifle you'll be looking at 204r as there aren't many that chamber 20tac. Plus you'll need to reload the tac. There is really nothing in it performance wise.

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    Nothing in it performance wise , you want to rethink that . Go 20TAC everytime

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    Nothing in it performance wise , you want to rethink that . Go 20TAC everytime
    shot both he is right your be had pushed to see any difference from both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    Nothing in it performance wise , you want to rethink that . Go 20TAC everytime
    Care to elaborate mate? I had a 20tac and was getting the same performance as 204r (give or take a few fps)

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    Marine PMI has been shooting a 20TAC for about 10 years. He'd tell you there is nothing to compare when you factor in the ease of brass forming. The longest called shot I watched him make was 467 yards on a prairiedog of about the half-liter bottle size. Amazingly accurate round coupled with flawless marksmanship.~Muir

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    the furthest fox ive had was 551yards on dusk , sort of speaks for itself

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    Performance-wise, the 20 Tactical and factory .204Rem are about the same (though with reloading, you might get more out of the 204Rem). There's a long and sordid story that goes with how the 204Rem came to be (vice just using the already established, and popular, 20 Tactical), but that isn't the focus of this discussion...

    The .20 Tactical is just plain more efficient. Period.

    Also, while the 204Rem is a fine cartridge in its own right, the rifles aren't always so.

    If you don't reload (a real pity by the way), then a 204Rem is the way to go (and the only viable .20 caliber option in the UK).

    If you do reload, then I'd be hard pressed not to go the 20 Tactical route. My reasoning? A 20 Tactical chamber has to be custom cut on an ordered barrel blank, so you will in all likelihood end up with a better chamber ergo, a better shooting rifle. Can some of the factory 204 shoot well? Absolutely. But if I'm building/buying a gun as a special purpose rig (in this case killing stuff a some pretty decent ranges), I'd prefer to have some say so in what the components are. As the saying goes for bolt guns "The barrel and trigger are the heart and soul of a rifle."

    Finally point, during the insanity of the last four years, where components and ammunition were either in short supply or just plain not available, with the .20 Tactical all I needed was a supply of bullets (which I almost always buy in 500-1000 count lots). .223 brass could be picked up for free from the local ranges where the youngsters (you know, the ones who bought up most of the supplies) were busy practicing "acoustical suppression" techniques (i.e. making a lot of noise, but not hitting a damned thing). Too young, and too "busy" to bother with picking up their brass (much less reloading it). Fine by me, as I was always set, regardless of the latest craze to hoard components.

    As Muir mentions, I have a had a .20 Tactical for well over 10 years now (in fact, it's at the point where it is going to need a new barrel soon), and it has rarely let me down (only once, and it was the scope that when Tango Uniform, not the rifle or cartridge). At least these days I have more options for barrel makers (when I had mine built, it was Douglas or nothing; nothing against Douglas mind you).

    My apologies for being so verbose...

    BTW, my .20 Tactical Savage got some new tactical clothes yesterday evening. I'll post pics of her here in her new duds when I get her back together...
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