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Thread: minox bl 8x42 opinions please

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    minox bl 8x42 opinions please

    Whats peoples opinions on the above the model im looking at is the newer ones with the open bridge any one else have a pair or used them cheers neal

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    I recently bought a pair and told Stuey (o this parish) of them too.

    They are superb, we are both chuffed to bits with them.

    Swine found his cheaper online that Sportsmans, paid about 170 IIRC. I paid 200 but they are worth every penny.

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    Excellent binos for the price - I have them as a second/spare pair and know of at least one other the same.
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    A friend bought a pair as a backup to his Zeiss binos- hardly ever uses the Zeiss anymore. Seriously good optics for the money.

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    I have a pair of Minox 8x42 bins - Optically they are very good. Very well built. The best way I think they could be improved would be to make the main focus control less sensitive. Compared to my Leicas I spend more time adjusting the focus to get the image just right. A very minor point I know, but well worth checking out if you can before you buy.


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    Extremely good value, I find them as good, if not better than some top named bins.

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