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Thread: Deet insect repellant?

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    Deet insect repellant?

    I know someone who is going off to Russia and is wondering how safe is the above stuff is to use? I've heard it melts plastic?? Does it work well?

    I've looked through some old posts and some people have suggested jungle juice extra strength instead? Anyone know who sells this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It does melt plastic if repellant contains a high amount deet but try your local poundshop it contains 30%deet it comes as a roll on or as wipes its very good stuff hope that helps

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    Try Repel 100, its 95% Deet, you can go for the weaker option of Repel 55.

    A pal of mine has a pair of Swarovskis with melted eye cups from Deet repellents.
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    I can confirm that the strong stuff will melt/glue Clansman headset earphones to your head on a semi-permanent basis. Glyn.

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    Sod the plastic, it works! On everything!
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    we use it all the time when working in the woods, It does melt plastic, but it does work. I find the 55% stuff works ok.

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    avon skin so soft or a packet of bounce sheets

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    Smidge is supposed to be good, Ive just ordered some from amazon at 6.99 so the stuff on the link is a bit steep but the link gives some info on it.



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    i used BUSHMANS in oz and i brought some home with me ands it the dogs nuts

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    Deet also throws up a positive for Cocaine on the scanners in use in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and the worlds largest user of the death penalty for drug possesion, Indonesia.

    Also Manchester.

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