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Thread: Liability issues

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    Liability issues

    Hi All,

    Just a quick question. If I take out a guest for some rabbit shooting and he has no insurance am I liable for any accident occurring ?

    Thanks Ff

    Ps we would be shooting rimfire rifles.

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    I think the simple answer would be Yes or at the very least you could be held partially responsable and accountable, but this would be determined ultimately by the courts.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Don't think there is a yes or no answer to this one. It may well be in your contract with the landowner to ensure that all persons shooting on the ground are insured. After all, he/she could be held partly responsible for any accident just on the basis that he/she has allowed shooting on their ground. As far as your liability over the conduct of a guest is concerned I would think much would depend on your position in the arrangement. Is the guest under your guidance/supervision/instruction? If so and an accident happened directly linked to your guidance/supervision/instruction or lack of same, you could be partially liable for his actions. But if he/she is just a mate out shooting rabbits with you I do not see how you could be liable for their error.

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    If you let someone drive your car and know that he has no insurance cover it would be YOUR responsibility if he was involved in an accident.
    Presumably the same criteria would apply in your case.
    Perhaps some qualified `legal eagle` on here will clarify this matter.


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    I would be guessing to be honest.
    But SACS is so reasonably priced why not ask him to join and then he is covered and you can both rest easy.

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    To be perfectly honest and blunt about it I wouldn't want to shoot with anyone that doesn't have insurance or belong to one of the national shooting organisations irresppective of which one that would be. That is assuming that the friend is a certificate holder and will be using his own rifle. If the situation is that the friend does not normally shoot and will be shooting under supervision using the "estate rifle" provision (lets not extend that discussion for the time being) then almost certainly you would be taking most of the responsability and liability on your own shoulders.

    I'm with Richard when he says that SACS insurance is so reasonable that it is foolish not to be insured.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The short answer is to tell your friend to get some insurance. If an accident were to happen any lawyer would sue you both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Bob View Post
    The short answer is to tell your friend to get some insurance. If an accident were to happen any lawyer would sue you both.
    Very true, if for no other reason than to cover his own ass from being sued. Any person who is involved can be sued, the lawyer would not be criticised for doing so, but could be negligent for not suing them and be sued himself.

    And I second what has been said above and perhaps go further - you should never shoot without insurance. If you are found liable you could loose your house, business etc and is it really worth it for 40 -50 quid a year ?


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    Thanks for all your help and advice with this. I was taking out a pal who is keen to start shooting himself and wanted to try out rabbit shooting. I have on reflection reconsidered and will not now take him out without his own insurance.


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    The Terms and Conditions of your Insurance will contain the answer to your question, so I suggest you check with your Insurer.
    If you take out a guest as a on-off it is quite unreasonable to expect that guest to take out shooting insurance - if it becomes a regular shooting buddy the £12-£18p.a. is well worth it to your guest I would think.

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