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Thread: Remington 700 sps stainless, any good?

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    Remington 700 sps stainless, any good?

    Hi Im looking for a new rifle in .223. I like the cz's but i have been offered a new Remington 700 sps in synthetic and stainless.
    I'm not 100% sure if I like the synthetic stock, feels a bit cheep having said that it fitts my budget.
    As I have heard mixed reviews on the model I was wondering if any of you had any experiance of this rifle any were willing to share?

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    I have one,its a 220 Swift in a thumbhole AM stock and it kills what its pointed at....with great speed!

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    I think overall the CZ is the better rifle. bit crude, but they wear in well.
    The Remmy has more potential if you are into upgrading your rifle over time.

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    It will depend entirely on you. You have already noticed the cheap and flimsy feel to the stock. Now do you think they put more into the rest of the rifle?

    Or is this little niggling thought always going to be in the back of your mind?

    My view is that there is a reason why there are so many after market and upgrade bits and bobs for the Remington 700. basically because it needs them. Things like precision recoil lugs to replace the cheap stamped metal ones Remington fit.

    You can buy the rifle they spend well over double that making it feel right and shoot right. hey you may be lucky and find it shoot lights out for the get go. On the other hand you might find it shoots sort of OK or if your not so lucky you might find that it shoots just to Remington acceptance standards which is placing it's shots into 2" at 100 yards fom a machine rest.

    Then again you might be unlucky to find you have a real lemon that won't group worth a darn and Remington shipped it out anyway.

    I have made no secret that I do not like the Remington 700 but a bit of time web surfing and you will soon find that there are more lemons out there than a lot will admit too.

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    Thanks guys I will probably look closely at the CZ. I already have one in .22 and is shoots quite well once it bedded in.

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    I use two SPS's one in 243 and one 270, can't fault either of them. The 243 shoots 1/2 inch groups with homeloads and a new trigger. The 270 shoots 3/4 inch with factory ammo and nothing what so ever done to it. Yes the stocks aren't the best but they are not a bad as some would tell you. Have a good look at one they do exactly what it says on the box


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    Got a SPS in .243 & i have had it since they forst came out it the UK.
    Shoots 1" with 100gr factory remington Core Loke & less with home loads
    The trigger is not the best but you can get them addjusted with out to much trouble.

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    I have one in 243 and another in 308. Both show 1 MOA or less. I have added new triggers, stocks etc and they both shoot well. I took my 308 down to 20" for stalking and it still does less than 1". I like them, but the triggers and stock do need work, especially if you want a free floated barrel.

    Having said that I have just got a CZ550 for longer range paper bashing.

    It will hopefully shoot as well without all the mods....

    I would go Remmy if you fancy upgrading...

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    Got one in 243 and just ordered one more it will be the xcr model in 270 these are working tools just out the box. The only thing is the trigger is set at 2.5 pound for me. I like these as no need to worry about them they do what they say on the box.

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    The Remington SPS is, in my opinion, a good rifle to start with, it is also a good action to build on.
    Mine started as a Remington SPS in .243 and ended up as a .243ai, witha new barrel, new stock and new trigger.

    It didn't need all of these things initially but they certainly improved the accuracy.

    When I purchased it.....

    Set up with a S&B 8x56.....

    And now.....

    The accuracy is great, a 5 shot group.....

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