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Thread: Was your biggest M/E

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    Was your biggest M/E

    What stalk was your biggest Roe buck taken on a morning or an evening.

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    I've just voted mine was a evening stalk. A real nice six pointer I never got it measured but I recon it would make bronze/ silver.

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    I can't participate as my biggest buck was at 3.15pm during the rut. You only have morning/evening. Cheers Rich

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    bronze, silver and gold medals all taken in the evening

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    evening got 2 that night

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    Dean it dont count if you never go in the morning lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    What stalk was your biggest Roe buck taken on a morning or an evening.
    Hi 6Pointer, good question, but it would all depend and how many people tend to stalk more in the morning or evening to get a true picture, good poll though.

    atb blue.

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    Biggest what? Antlers or Weight?

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    Not sure if I can answer this!
    Do you mean biggest head or biggest body weight?
    If its body weight, then shot a 28.2kg buck(clean,larder weight) in a friends garden one evening this April.

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