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    Can amyone tell me whether there was a Artemis range before the 2000 was released?

    If so, how long has it been since the 'standard' Artermis range was available, and how do they compare to the 2000 series?


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    I have a 7x50 Artemis 1000 4B ret and an Artemis 2000 7x50 4B ret.
    The were both produced in 2003.
    The 1000 has a slightly thicker ret but that is the only difference I can tell.
    AIUI there were improvements to the optical quality, but I cannot see them.
    The Artemis 2000 has rounded turret covers and Artemis 2000 marked on the eyepiece end.
    I also have a 3-9x42 Meopta, age unknown, very good for what it is.

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    I have a couple of a older 7x50mm and a 4x32mm, both of which have been used on my 9.3x63mm with out missing a beat.

    I think my 6x42mm Swaro was a touch brighter and handled "flare" a bit better, but for the money Meopta's are great scopes especially the new ones.

    The downsides? They tend to be a little bit chunky and heavy and you have to watch the eye relief...Most these days have 80mm which is OK, but some models are quoted as only having 75mm...personally as someone who wears glasses, that would be too short.

    Swaro and Zeiss or now producing scopes with 90mm eye relief and hopefully Meopta will follow..



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