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Thread: H4H Monmouth 2012- Thank You.

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    H4H Monmouth 2012- Thank You.

    On Sunday 24th June Monmouth & District rifle club were very pleased to once again host a sporting rifle shoot for the members of The Stalking Directory for the third year in succession with the aim of raising funds for the Help for Heroes charity. The shoot took the form of a Scandinavian shooting test with shooters having to shoot from five different shooting positions which range from prone to standing. The shoot has previously proven quite challenging to some taking shooters out of their normal comfort zone and requiring them to adopt unfamiliar shooting positions. This year the scores were particularly high with several shooters scoring maximum possible scores in each of the three classes, the eventual winner scoring 298 points out of a maximum possible of 300. The age of the participants varied with the youngest being only 12 years of age and the oldest being, well letís just say retired.

    Support for this event has been such that though designed as a fun shoot some shooters were prepared to travel considerable distances to give this event a try. Support in the form of donations for the prize draw as in previous years was most generous and included both individual sponsorship and donations by the likes of the Sportsman Gun Centre. One Monmouth club/ SD member not only put on a lamb roast for the participants but also very generously donated the proceeds of his holiday home let for that week-end to H4H. At the end of the day nearly £1,000 had been raised for the charity with further pledges and matched giving still to come in which it is hoped will eventually result in a final figure of around £1,500 being donated.

    I would just like to say a very big thank you to all those individuals who either participated or who donated in one way or another to the success of this event and to the sponsorship of the Sportsman Gun Centre yet once again. Itís been much more of a challenge this year but we got there eventually.
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    Thank you Mike and all the others for making the day a great success and to everyone who donated towards a great cause. The Stalking Directory are proud to have you as members.
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    + 1. well done again mike, looks like all the hard work paid off.
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