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Thread: Stag Behaviour

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    Stag Behaviour

    Can anyone tell me if there are common behavioural changes in Red Stags when shedding their antlers please.

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    They stop head butting stuff and spar with their feet instead

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    They normally head for a Cafe bar and discuss close encounters !! :lol
    from last season ! AWIHGHT HARRY !. Yer Whats up,George!! Had my head up last nite and presented my self , and a frigging antler fell orf!! nice Trophy till it fell orf.!!
    Sorry mate !. Its me hormones!! Can't get me head together !!. .HARRY, You should use: (wash n grow mate ), sorts out the new velvet in a trice, I had to wait awhile and then thrash about in it ,Velvet until July /august ,then I prodded , a few upstarts with me oove's , right boxing match I tell yer , DIDN'T WANT TO DAMAGE ME NEW HEAD !. Ruts on soon , gotta keep fit and ,!!! did you meet Doris that sweet musty bint . !! WELL she is this seasons chief hind !! . she goes like a Train!.(?whats a train ). Anyway fight you for her sometime in Late Sept /Oct /Nov . Will my head get damaged !!! Very possible , then we can chat over a coffee in April.

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    oops me neck is getting bigger ! (ITS OK JUST GLANDULAR), and me dick is more , and I am starting to stink a little ! TRY llynx!

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    Trapper, you are a nutcase!!

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    Thanks for that trap you mad man. Although I was looking for, going off of food and standing away from the herd, that kind of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil
    Trapper, you are a nutcase!!
    2'nd that
    but a good kind of nutcase
    won't get better, surely can't get any worse

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    Thanks chaps, amusing and light hearted, so much better than my calibre is better than yours!


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    Howa 243
    Think you have that in a nutshell ,I observed some reds last season strutting about and sizing up one week before the season start , some in partial velvet some hard antler , the velvets where the ones doing there stuff ,the groups as far as I observed had already a dominance line , They split up by the end of august and went seperate ways , Interestingly at the same time the hinds where grouping up more after calving , in preperation for the RUT, During rut Stags will seldom eat much !!to busy covering their Julies !!However an upstart may pick off the fringes and cover succsesfully,Aint Genes BRILLIANT .I am happy to be corrected If anyone has a better explaination , These are just my observations , from my own experiences.
    Regards Trapper

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