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Thread: checkering tools

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    checkering tools

    if anyone has any old checking tools laying around they'd be willing to give away or sell for that matter, please let me know. not looking for anything complex, just a few tools to help re-cut/define existing checkering on stocks that need a new breath of life and where the checkering has been worn away.

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    Use a Swiss needle file, does the same thing.



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    rifler files, are curved, so you can get in there without touching the sides

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    there was a set on ebay last night not sure on what pages just type in stocks or needle file / chequering files


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    Hi Mate
    Here you go try here for a new one of your own , CHEQUERING TOOLS by DEMBART



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    steve, JUST what I was after mate, and great prices too, thank you sir, of of course, to all you other gents who kindly took the time to help me.

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