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Thread: NV set up for sale.

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    NV set up for sale.

    I have decided to sell my Night Vision set up to fund another project and so here goes..

    It is a Howa .223 that deliveres bullet on bullet, stainless steel and synthetic. Screw cut and shortened barrel with a JLS Stalker sound mod and a timney trigger.

    The Night Vision is a Gen 2+ with illuminator and auto cut off in bright light conditions to protect it. Weaver mounted. Also has a illuminated reticule. Foxes eyes can be seen up to about 250 yards away but vision is fantastic over huge distances with it being a Gen2+.

    Reloading dies, bullet heads, loads of brass and some ammo included in the price.

    This set up is spot on, no time wasters please.

    I will be happy to demonstrate this set up to genuenly interested people by arrangement.

    Price. 1390.00 or very, very near offer.

    Must have slot on ticket etc etc.. RFD to RFD at cost of approx 25.00

    Please PM me with any questions.
    Thanks Andy

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    Hi there.

    A very impressive set up and I wish you all the best with the sale.

    Slightly off topic, but I note you have a JLS mod on the rifle. I've seen them advertised for years, at a very good price, but this is the 1st time I've seen one in use as it were.

    How do you rate them?


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    The JLS are OK, not in the same league as a T8 etc but do a job.

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    Complete set up sold to Mark, subject to the usual etc etc..

    Thanks to everyone that expressed an interest but sadly there was only 1 and thats not enough to go round over 30 people! :blink:

    Cheers Andy

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