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Thread: Fighting Nyala

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    Fighting Nyala

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    These two bull Nyala were having a tussle under the deck my mothers tent was pitched on. After a while they stopped as an even bigger bull walked by. Out of all the spiral horn antelope they are to me the most beautifull only beaten by possibly a Bongo.
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    Amazing looking animals can only one day dream of going to Africa to see some of these amazing animals.

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    Are they Roe size?
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    My favourite antelope, my next trip to Africa will be centred around taking a Nyala, either Limpopo region of South Africa or Mozambique, that and bushbuck, another great looking spiral horn.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    Are they Roe size?
    Closer to red deer size.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    only beaten by possibly a Bongo.

    Bongo wins for me

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    I have to agree with you they are an incredibly stunning animal and stood out from the rest in beauty and thats saying something when you look at how amazing all the African antelope look.

    I am having mine shoulder mounted... I think in the future I may wish I had it full mounted.

    As also mentioned Bongo is of similar beauty although I have not seen these in the flesh.


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    Down there this Saturday. Bushbuck my priority but will certainly spend a lot of time on FEMALE Kudu.

    Don't have the space for the trophy and the hunt is the same.


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