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Thread: Zeiss Bino lens coatings

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    Zeiss Bino lens coatings

    Just out of interest how many regular users of Zeiss rangefinder binos have had the coating on the glass go wrong within a year and sent them back and got a three hundred pound bill and a new set by return. I know now of three stalkers in the north who have had exactly the same problem, one is on his thrid set and had enough.

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    What exactly happens to the coatings?

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    First I've heard of any problems with coatings, hope it's isolated to just a few.
    My Classic Divari is fine so far, and my specs have Zeiss lenses with Lotec coating, so far a year in they are fine, and get cleaned washed several times a day.


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    I had a set that got scratched. But I got a 400 bill for mine, within 6 months of owning them. I still have no idea how they got scratched and had thought the coatings were pretty resilient.
    I would go Swaro every time now.

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    Some years ago, sent a pair of Swarovski for repair, The lens was accidently scratched by my customer when cleaning and received a bill for a similar amount. By all accounts you should not use the corner of your coat or jumper to clean the lens, the coatings are to help with light. Customer did get a free lens cloth.

    I think you would get the same reply from all of the binocular makers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    What exactly happens to the coatings?
    THe coating if exposed frequently to rain starts to come off Im on my third set and the last set were only ever cleaned with the zeiss cloth , when you use them after the coating starts to come off the picture becomes distorted.
    I believe they are aware of the problem and the speed that they replace them with doesnt look good for the product. I know of three stalker who have had this problem and had the same response and we feel its not good for a product of this value and I was interested to know how many others had this problem and response.

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