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Thread: 200 mtr zero

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    200 mtr zero

    Hello all, took the zero on my 30.06 to 200 mtrs last evening.I was using reloaded 165 gr. Hornady sp's over 56gr of N160. Ended up with a 4.5cm 3 shot group. Would you be happy with this result? This is my normal stalking rifle.

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    If that size group was at 200 yards it would be acceptable (1 3/4"), but I am sure you should be able to better that normally.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Because most modern rifles, but not all, with good ammo are capable of shooting better than that. What you have already achieved is perfectly acceptable though.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Despite what is often posted on the inter-web. In real life and the real world many shooters cannot consistently shoot better than that at 100 metres.

    Now have you checked the POI at 100 metres and perhaps 150M and what is it at 50 metres?

    Depending on the mounting height of your scope you may be surprised at just how high above the line of sight that you shots will land at some of those distances. At 50M you may well be low. many are caught out by this.

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    There's nothing wrong with a 4.5cm group at 200metres. It's certainly ok for normal chest shooting of deer at sensible stalking ranges.
    The rifle may be able to shoot tighter groups but we aren't talking bench rest rifles here.
    The loading sounds about right and as you reload yourself, you could see if seating depth changes the group size.
    Ensuring the bedding & all screws are properly tightened can help too.
    Familiarity with the rifle, lots of practice, concentration on firing position and working on your grip/technique may help you to improve things too.
    Enjoy the journey!


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    I don't think I could do better than that, and I wouldn't bother trying, it's perfectly fine for stalking purposes. the reason it's not 'tighter' is probably human error or environmental influence, bedding issues, barrel quality, heat in barrel, reticle thickness, etc. etc.

    that's still under MOA!

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    I use 165 grain in my 30-06, i would be very happy with that group.



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    Thank you all for your help.I will try to improve on the grouping next time out and will keep you posted on results.John

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    As mentioned the grouping is fine although practice is always a good thing IMHO. learning the trajectory of your load and bullet is always worth while after all quarry species do have a habit of popping up when we least expect them. The waskerly buck toothed garden raider this morning for instance was so close I had to sight down the side of the barrel. We are talking like 8-10 feet.

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