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Thread: Advice and help

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    Advice and help

    I am looking for some help. I have my own rifle and some stalking ground, i also have my Dsc Level 1. I would like to gain more experience in the field and also the gralloching stage for my Dsc Level 2. I would greatful if someone could help. Cheers

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    Hi stuart where in lanarkshire are you.

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    Hi Stu.

    We are down in galloway if your ever down here your more than welcome to come out with me and I'll show you how I do it.

    Regard's Mark.
    Galloway Deer Stalking

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    Yes Den i am from south lanarkshire

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    That would be great mark, maybe we could organise something soon. thanks

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    Hi stuart I starlk in lanarkshire .
    give me name of town or place to see if it is close by if so may be able to help.

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    I stay near Lanark Den.

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    Ok stuart what do you need help with. pm me.

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