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Thread: 30-06 users

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    30-06 users

    30-06 for Reds (stags, hinds, calves - all on the hill) and the occasional Roe. Distances 75-200yds.

    would you shoot 165g or 180g in a standard twist and 24" barrel?

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    I found the 165 Grain to be good so even though I had 180's in stock (got them at a knock down price) I tended to use the 165 Grain Speer flat based bullets #2035 for general use.

    If solely going after Big Reds or perhaps Elk, intended to but it never happened, then the 180's would get the nod.

    MY 30-06 is a P-H 1100 deluxe.

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    I am happy with my 165g Sierra Gameking, meat damage has been acceptable on Red,Fallow and Roe.
    Its what i will be using for my Elk hunt later this year, although i did think about going up to the 180 grain nosler partition for the Elk i am confident in my 165 grainers now.

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    I shot hundreds of deer of a few species with the Speer 150gr Soft-Point Boat-tail bullet out of my Sako .30/06 TRGS.
    Expansion and weight retention was excellent with that bullet with no complaints from the game-dealer.
    However, for the Swedish moose I used 180gr Nosler Partitions.

    These recovered bullets were removed from Reds shot at 150/200 yards.

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    If one uses a decent bullet it won't make a hill of beans worth of difference on UK red stags.

    Use the one that is most accurate.

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    Correct, those Speers were half-inchers but currently we are having difficulty finding them locally.
    The 150gr Hornady Spire Point works almost as well though and the chap I gave the rifle to is doing good work with them.


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    anyone shot/used 165g partitions in the aught six on larger game?

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    150 on the hill and 180 in the timber

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    another vote for 150 speers spbt

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    anyone shot/used 165g partitions in the aught six on larger game?
    Yup; great bullet.

    The front half is soft and expands fairly violently in the cavity with little bits of lead scattered about and the core punches a neatish 2" exit hole unless it hits bone whereon it makes the standard mess.

    But, and perhaps crucially, I get full penetration on steeply angling fallow bucks with the 150 grain Speer SPBTs that I started off using when I first got the rifle.

    If you were envisaging game of 200kgs plus, anchoring raking shots on on fleeing wounded heavy game, or a expensive overseas trophy hunt it might make a significant difference, in which case I would recommend the 200 grain Nosler accubond at around 2650-2700 fps or the 180 grain partition so that you can be sure of extracting all the performance the 30.06 has to offer, but for UK deer with a sensibly loaded 30.06 bullet selection basically boils down to anything accurate of between 150-180 grains, that is locally available and suits your wallet.

    FWIW In my rifle European game and African antelope up to Blue wildebeest are IME and IMO covered by a decent conventional 180 grain bullet whilst any ting larger gets the 200grain accubond or 180 grain partition.

    After a hundred years of development there are very few bad bullets made for the '06.
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