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Thread: kenny macaskill at it again

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    kenny macaskill at it again

    Well hes at it again

    read shooting times and apparently not only does he / snp want total seperate ruling for firearms in scotland but now hes not appy with the amount of firearms one person can hold

    all shouting concerns over gun crime etc and who do they turn to? the legitimate law abiding gun owners.....yup that will sort it!

    im a scot & i love my country but this whole independance thing with them scares me.....i haven theard any explanations as to how we are to fund this & thats just one query i have....lets face it westminster will no longer surrender the oil & gas revenue than i will be shagging lisa snowdon!!! ( i wish)

    what sthe thoughts on this as a whole?.....both this idiot mouthing off bout clamping down on gun owners and changing legisalation ( hasnt explained with what or what changes?) & independance for very dubious and need a helluva lot more answers as to how it would work before i made a choice


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    Independence doesn't scare me, in fact I find the idea attractive, what does scare me though is Eck and his mob
    would not trust that lot.

    The SNP have made some good moves like free prescriptions, education and so on.

    They have also been quite successful in local government, freezing Council Tax etc

    But what really scares me is some of the ideas they would like to put into practise, but have not been able to as the powers to do so have not been devolved from Westminster.

    I do believe the SNP have fulfilled a useful role as a voice for Scotland, but would I trust them to run the country would I
    like as xxxx
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    Not for independance either, yeah we have some oil & gas left, not a lot after the yanks sucked us dry, if we had gone down the Norweigan way and kept our oil to be sold when the price was right I may have been swayed that we could be a total independant nation, when we are injecting salt water into the wells to get the last of the oil out, I don't see that as a long term capital gain.

    As for Macaskill he will target us the most law abidding section of society, not the ones who cause the problems I could go on enough said.


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    Bodach if you had kep,t the oil until now, what would you have been living on before.

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    My opinions are somewhat coloured as I think the SNP are, speaking very generally, a bunch of total nutjobs. It is important to point out that my opinion of the other parties could be summarised in the same terms.

    However, if they are out to "get" shooting then I would also be fairly confident that shooting is in deep trouble. While the media sound bites will make the independence thing look very black and white, or yes and no, the truth of the matter is that there will be a lot of horse trading going on behind the scenes. The Westminister Government will almost certainly view shooting as a very minor pawn in the game, quite frankly they will not care what happens to shooting in Scotland as any public backlash can be blamed on the SNP and not them, and will be more than willing to give it up in return for a concession on some matter they view more important.

    I would be fairly confident that the SNP or whatever other nutjobs find themselves in power, will get control of shooting and will do what they say they are going to do and I suspect this will happen as part of the horse trading even if there is a very strong "no" vote. In the end Westminister will have to offer some sort of concessions and controls to the Scots and preserving the UK will be a much bigger concern than looking after a few people with firearms in Scotland.

    From a Scottish perspective I suspect the most frustrating aspect of it will almost certainly be that the SNP can't cut off the hand that feeds them and so those who live in Scotland may be subject to severe limits on their shooting activities while paying visitors from England will be encouraged to come and shoot and bring their guns and pump cash into the economy. Living, as I do, in Northern Ireland may mean that I gain easier access to shooting and firearms in Scotland than the people who actually live there.
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    Guys - don't mix stalking and politics

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    After 20 years of UK labour rule and decades more of it up north, what I can say for certain is that this lot is no worse than the last lot.

    The truth of the matter is simple. We cannot afford the welfare state in its current form, whether as an independent nation or as part of the UK.

    The UK is rotten to the core at present and fundamental changes will have to be made to get us back on track. And the feckless off their arses.

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    Well I can't speak for everyone, but.
    I'm English (born here), I am of Scottish decent and I live in Wales. I guess that makes me British then.
    As with all people who have over powering opinions (the independance debate) they will also have strong opinions on other subjects as well, it's there nature as they are strong minded people. The great thing is that we do have a choice as to whether we should put these people in power. If you don't agree with there policies then don't vote for them, or if you feel really strongly about them then even argue against them. It is your right.
    If Scotland is an expencive luxury to the British people then I for one cannot thing of a better way of spending money than to have such a fine handsom country with people to match as part of our United Kingdom. It would be a far poorer place without Scotland, it's the jewel in our crown.
    Better than waisting money on pointless wars we can never win.

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    Don't believe all you hear in the media about oil and gas in the North sea - there's plenty left and the Operators are still making discoveries - Nexen have discovered a huge field and BP another field on their Andrew development that has led to the Andrew platform being too small to cope. 2011 had the biggest investment in the North Sea EVER in the histoty of the UK oil industry. The reason Norway exports so much is it's policy of using hydro-power.

    Scottish independence - I think the UK will be worse without them. My opinion, as an Englishman, is that Salmond is going for full independence knowing that he will have to capitulate somewhat so he will end up with devolution-max which is what he actually wants.

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    I really can't understand why people voted for devolution, both in Wales and Scotland. The real question for devolution (not the one they asked) was "Do you want to pay for more politicians who will line their own pockets at your expense?" The answer should have been a resounding no. Blair offered devolution because the only way Labour gets into power at Westminster is through the Scottish and Welsh labour MPs. He wanted to keep that by derailing independence. It hasn't really worked but I think Devo Max would be the one way to get the English to demand separation from the Celtic Nations. The extra benefits in Wales and Scotland at the expense of the English taxpayer is already causing rumblings.


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