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Thread: Meet Piper

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    Meet Piper

    Finally bought the puppy I want to train for deer and went with the breed I know which would be small and a good companion for me. Meet Piper, she is a 10 week old bitch I bought from Scotland on Saturday. She has a superb nature, very loyal and loving and thankfully very quiet in the car, I drove from Scotland over two days and she just wgged her tail and snoozed. She has been crate trained and already knows to retire to her 'den' when play time is over and snoozes in there for hours. I took her to see a mate in Oxford yesterday who has labs he uses for deer and she had her first introduction to a Pigeon and deer which she loved.

    I now need to get insurance for her so does anyone know any good deals or pitfalls that the insurers write into the policies in order I dont get stung.

    Many thanks

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    Nice Border you have there.

    Dog Insurance like all insurance is a murky world, and for a terrier I would just save 10/month that should cover any problems you have.
    Once dogs get older, insurers tend to pay ever decreasing amounts on claims, well thats my experience any way.

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    Nice Border puppy were did you get him and what lines is he off.

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    I got him off a mate who had an under keeper who had a Border he brought back from Ireland 9 years or so back. he also had a tiny bitch which although was a pedigree was never registered, hence why I got the pup for 200 instead of the normal big princely sum, so what the lines are I am not sure, though I know the father was a working dog. I saw the parents and her siblings and all were crackers and by the way the dog is responding I am sure she well be a cracker too.
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    Definitely an 'aaaaw' moment for that picture from this household.
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    I agree with Bomag on saving 10 a week to cover vet bills, but I insure with the NFU.The only sensible one I could get for working gundogs,it appears to be a bit of a minefield.

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    Great looking pup Pete. Look forward to seeing her for real.

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