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Thread: Channel 4 29/03 9pm, Monty Halls stalking reds.

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    Channel 4 29/03 9pm, Monty Halls stalking reds.

    The title explains everything.
    Happy hunting!


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    Maybe he has his TV tuned in wrong?... Monty Hall is def on BBC 2.


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    Definately beeb 2. Channel 4 is showing "the secret millionaire" that`s our Sikamalc. Maybe that`s where the confusion lies. 8)

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    I notice you didn't stay here for the winter Monty!

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    Bit of a let down for me. Still, i got 5 mins of adrenaline pumping during the stalk.

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    Some seriously lumpy ground over there.

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    The only thing it caused me to consider was if there are any Scots folk at all left in Scotland, especially in the picture postcard bits where half of the population of England seems to be trying to "live the good life." When you watch a show like that and all the "locals" turn out to be blow-ins it really is most amazing.

    As Frax points out maybe next series he will arrive in October and depart in April. Six months of horizontal sleet should make for great TV.

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    Monty Hall

    Hi guys

    A shame he didn't get to take a shot, but he did go out of his way to explain the balance of nature that requires stalking - and the fact that by no means are all stalks successful, and that its not a case of turn up and shoot a deer from 300 yards with your high powered rifle and the deer have no idea about how to elude predators after only a million years of evolution!

    Whats going on with tv at the moment, seems very rational and even handed!!



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