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Thread: carcass storage

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    carcass storage

    Probably already been done but I can't find anything about it. What do you guy's use for keeping your deer carcass cool in the summer. If you don't have a proper chiller room. I was thinking a pop fridge or something like that or normal fridge if the deer would fit. Any suggestions please

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    Coke or other drinks type fridge is popular as are the tall larder fridges if you only shoot the odd roe or muntjac.

    Keep an eye out for garages that are being referbished as they often replace the drivks chillers and have to pay to dispose of them so call in and see if they are changing the chillers if they are offer them a BBQ pack of venison or a donation to the beer fund.

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    +1 with Mr Lewis - I'm on the lookout for commerical fridge/drinks cooler but they always seem to be nowhere near Aberdeenshire!

    There did seem to be a few in the Yorkshire and surrounding area on internet auction sites.

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    Bottle chill works fine if you only have one or maybe two Roe at at a time, you will need to make some kind of hanging rail, you will struggle to get a normal fridge big enough to hang a beast in some of the catering ones would do but they are expensive, better with a bottle fridge.

    Know its a bit far for you but there was a S/H one for sale in Bushwears shop in Perth last week don't know what a carrier would take to ship it, they were asking 400 for it which I know is quite a bit, but it looked to be in as new condition, oh it would hold two Roe.

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    The proffesional chillers on sale in germany start at about 800 Euros (2x roe size) and it is properly designed for the job with reinforcements for hanging rails and proper door insulation which keeps the elec bill down.

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    Hi ziggyfiley,
    I have a friend who works in refrigeration and comes by these types of fridges on a daily basis, and he is in West Yorks. If you pvt message me your details I will forward them on to him, If thats ok with admin? ATB Rich

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    I spoke to Bushwear about the drinks chiller but didn't want to spend 400 + courier or travel to collect.
    I kept looking around and found this in a charity shop in Aberdeen today.

    Internal dimensions are 530x480x1600mm, and cost me 80.
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    won mine on ebay 32,i have been told to put a small fan in side to stop the air going stale,had it from a shop fitters who carn,t get rid of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsa View Post
    won mine on ebay 32,i have been told to put a small fan in side to stop the air going stale,had it from a shop fitters who carn,t get rid of them
    Just a free running fan or electric?

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    Keep checking "Scotads paper" for Larder fridges, I bought mine out of there, 45 and I have seen them for sale in there often.

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