Just a comment on this forum really - since joining I've found everyone's knowledge on here to be absolutely top class and the majority are really friendly and helpful...

I have been warned about "upsetting people" as "it's a small community" - just to clarify, does anyone take any of this personally?! I thought it was a "forum" for discussing our views with people who have the same passions and interests?!!!

FYI I don't take anything anyone says as personal unless they directly insult me by name, and I wouldn't say anything on here that I consider to be insulting to anyone else; I only ever give and ask for opinions and advice.

I wouldn't say anything on here that I wouldn't say to someone's face, and indeed would welcome anyone who wants to meet and chat over a pint - we're all adults and hopefully being firearms holders we should be capable of having a discussion or debate and agreeing to disagree without feeling personally slighted or resorting to agression?!!

I'm not a hippy or anything, and certainly not afraid of conflict, but arguing with people on here in an agressive fashion is like walking into a relatives wedding with your c*ck out - inappropriate, offensive, and unecessary!

Bring on the friendly banter though - personally I love it!