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Thread: Deer Wanted

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    Deer Wanted

    I am looking to get a few local stalkers on board to help keep me in Venison on a steady basis,I will collect and pay CASH! I am primarily looking for Roe or Fallow,so please PM me if you might be able to help.My small processing business is just getting off the ground,but with the local Bucks doing their usual disappearing act,as they do at this time of year I find I need more stalkers apart from my usual friends that supply me,so please don't be shy.



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    Hope it all goes well Martin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    Hope it all goes well Martin.
    Thanks Old Man,I have been running for a couple of months now,and although it is slow getting known(so to speak)it is getting there,but i do need the raw materials or I won't get too


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    hi martin.
    might beable to help you in the winter but last two outings have not seen a deer,i know they are there some where, it will help when the weather changes and the farmers cut some crops,
    if you pm me your number i will ring you when we get a few,

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    must be plenty on here who could help you out and give you the carcases because there doesnt seem to be many on here who shoot them for the money

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    Or rather how far will you Travel for Fallow.


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    Hi Martin,

    I'm to far out to assist you but i would like to wish you the very best in your new business venture,


    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    I can help Martin, I have 2 other friends with alot of roe!! Pm me your number and we can talk! Stu

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    willdo my best to support you martin regards pete .

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