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Thread: Devon Deer - Sponsorsed by Minox

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    Devon Deer - Sponsored by Minox

    I am delighted to have been accepted by Minox into the Edge program, the first UK based hunting guide to be sponsored by Minox.
    I am looking forward to building a strong working relationship using the superb hunting optics of Minox.
    In November 2012 I will be visiting Montana USA to hunt Elk and Deer, on top of my 30-06 will be the latest scope to be launched into the UK market, the ZE with a 30mm tube. I will provide a full report on my return, provided I donít get eaten by a grizzly bear that is!
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    very impressive,well done...

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    Congrats Richard. Have a go at those steel heads while your out there.
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    Well done Richard... now all you need to do is talk them into paying for the trip...... in the interests of field testing of course!

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    Well done Rich. I recently bought a compact pair of Minox binos as a second pair,excellent quality and a great price. I would reccommend compact for hunting elk particularly if the ground is tough with lot's treefall, dense steep canyon's etc. I used my Zeiss dialyt full size in Idaho for a day then left them in camp for the rest of the trip, too heavy.

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    Nice one ! Love the minox stuff . Great quality and a fair price

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    Thanks chaps, what i like about Minox, apart from the quality optics, is the company, right from the start they have been so friendly and approachable.
    By the way Gaz, there aren't any Steelhead in Montana (although they are on my list of things to catch) but i will be throwing in the fly rod, even if it means fishing in the snow!

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    Well done....i look forward to reading the reviews
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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