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Thread: German Wirehaired pups

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    German Wirehaired pups

    GWP pups born 29/5/12. from pro-working parents, these pups have been breed to work. They will be kc reg. They are docked and will come with docking certs. There are 3 bitches and 8 dogs(all looking strong and well). The parents are both large and have good conformation. I work the bitch and anyone who see's her working is all ways very impressed. My dogs are fed on a mix of fish(mostly mackerel) meat(mostly cocked rabbits with skins on) top qualitity meal and tripe. This ensures that they get what they need to thrive on so they can work hard. Both parents are good with children and other dogs. I will be keeping a bitch pup out of this litter so I can train it up to eventually replace the dam when that day comes. 500 for dogs and 600 for bitches. Will be kc reg. PM for further details, no time wasters please
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    All bitches now booked and going to pro-working homes. Some dogs still available

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    I visited this litter of pups with the view to purchase a dog. The pups were all large and strong, even at only two weeks. The dam was bright and well, with a typical good natured GWP temprement. She too was a good, large, well proportioned example of the breed. The kennel facilities were clean and well maintained, and the animals well handled. I placed a deposit on a good, large, frisky male, and look forward to collecting him at the end of August. I would recommend this knowledgeable breeder, to any stakler looking for a steadfast, tenacious working dog.
    Good luck with the remaining pups
    Thank you

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    Thanks for the comments above

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    the dam Click image for larger version. 

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    the dam doing what she loves to doClick image for larger version. 

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    the dam showing how well proportioned she is, strong and powerful Click image for larger version. 

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    How do you find the tracking collar? GPS?
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    the dam doing what she loves to doClick image for larger version. 

Name:	PC190207.jpg 
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    Its the dogs dangly bits, no dog barking, no waiting then following the bringsel. you can find most direct route you can mark to record location with grid ref. You dont have to have the dog on a long line so it hasnt got a 14stone handycap around its neck and the handler isnt getting dragged through the jungle.

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