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Thread: Vizsla as first working dog

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    Vizsla as first working dog

    I'm considering getting a dog mainly for deer and walked-up and for company, not as a peg dog or game retriever. Extensive travelling for work together with a young family prevented me from getting a dog before.
    My wife's family have had Jack Russels so we are not new to dogs, we have a big garden and are very active so walking not an issue. I have my heart set on a Vizsla, anyone had experience of these as a first working dog?

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    i know im going to get grief for this but here goes if you have been to a few shoots what dogs do you see.springer,lab and cocker why ? if you buy a good dog from a good breeder then half the work done for you theres no such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner . vizslas i have liked since i first saw them would i own one over a springer i doubt it. hope this helps stu

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    I agree, but I'm not looking for a game dog - mainly deer and walked up so would like it to be HPR.

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    the hpr is ideal for the kind of work your discribing pal in my opinion but im biased "look at my pic haha". only thing i would poss say is due to your location and winter temp think about a wirehaired over smooth.

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    Have had Springers,Labs,Golden Retreiver and even a Gordon Setter.
    Now a Wiredhaired Vizsla,he is my shooting companion and best mate when the wife is not there.
    I have never known a more affectionate and loyal dog and he is only 16 months old also my syndicate member has 2.
    Go for it mate (See Gallery)



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    I agree with Dave although we have had ours only 10 weeks, I normally only have bitches, He is our first dog!
    He is 20 months old a is responding t commands, after blk labs and es I am impressed so far! - Bill

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    I agree with everything that has been said above. I have two HWVs. I had 50 years working Springers and would you believe Irish Water Spaniels. The blood pressure is now down to normal.
    These are a breed that stand out,they are easily trained they have great natural ability,providing you get a well bred one, they are fortunately not yet spoiled by the showing faction ,but I have seen a few horrors out there.
    In my experience train it for your main job stalking,once it knows it has a purpose in life you are away. You will find you need to introduce it to doing other jobs as they need to put more into there heads as they grow up. ie beating with it, but emphasis on obedienc, then you can walk up shooting with it .Bag fillers they are ,it becomes to easy to walk up all sorts of game with an HWV, as I am sure with all HPRs.
    Remember you dont own a wire you wear them.
    pm me a phone number if you think I can help you any more.There are loads of good guys on here that work HWVs
    Just ask

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    Well put, you cannot exhaust them, tremendous endurance & love - Bill

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    +1 for HWV , Have got both wire and smooth vizslas , the wires are more robust and more eager to please and great temperaments , smooths can be a bit aloof and are prone to sulking if chastised whereas a wire just accepts it and gets on . Wires are also very happy with water unlike most smooths that will step around puddles etc .
    If you are set on a smooth then concider a shorter coated wire . ( wires can vary in coat from having no more coat than a smooth through a coarse wire coat to ones that have a heavy fluffy coat )

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    Thanks for all the comments - really helpful, I'll certainly take a look at the 'wires' as an alternative.
    When I'm nearer getting one I may well PM as suggested to get as bot more info if that's OK.

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