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Thread: betws hall pheasants

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    betws hall pheasants

    we have had our birds for the last few years from here ex layers around 1000 they were fine in previous years but this years are a heap of ***** bear backs poor condition one even had its leg snapped which did happen from there end ,yes i know there ex layers , anyone had theres from them this year , we certainley wont be handing over 5grand to them next year , the guy was no help what so ever , as said anyone had them this year

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    estate i stalk on has 20+ thousand from them very pro set up and trucks drive straight to pen after driving through the night cant fault them but 5 a bird seems a bit steep .never had ex layers always had poults on my shoot ,always heard mixed reviews about ex layers .
    sorry to hear your about your predicament not the best way to start the season
    good luck

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    The wet weather we have been having won't have helped the feathering, all those cock birds with muddy wet feet... They will feather up fast, I worked on a game farm years ago, I remember the ex layers were always strong heavy birds from the high fat and protein diet that they had been on. They will have plenty of energy reserves so should look fine by the tim the season starts. I'll bet the crates were heavy..

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    We dont deal with betws hall but you cant expect much else from ex layers after the spring we had , broken legs well could be some inexperienced new staff who knows . Get some wormer , multi vits , good food and grit into them and im sure theyll come round now their in a wood with some cover and natural food

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    Bare backs are not uncommon with ex layers will be worse this year with the wet weather, broken leg probably bad handling when catching birds or loading crates.

    Should find they come on fine once they are in the wood.

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    thanks for the replies we had ducks from them and more pheasants on the same wagon think we paid 2.30 or round about there , we intend to turf them out earlier let them fend outside the release pens hopefully stop the pecking and bullying feed up and try keep them there abouts in the woods thanks again rob

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    Had a few exlayers years ago.
    Never again. Major problems, ended up with mycoplasma, (spelling ?)

    You don't want that.

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    its not a thing of the past yet but most flocks are treated for it and if it takes hold its more easy to treat than it was in the past . 30 years ago hexamita was a thing that would wipe out all your birds but not now

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    Mixed views locally, as Bettws Hall is only down the road from me. Some shoots still have their birds from them, while others have been supplied with as you say, "a pile of sh** and won't touch them.

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    thanks gaz ours were a pile of **** , just wondered if we were the only ones and unlucky or were other peoples the same thanks for replying cheers rob

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