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Thread: Another U turn.

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    better a U-turn than a Government that doesn't listen mate.


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    Well, there goes my chance to buy a forest
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    Yep I was thinking the exact same thing. I went to see a few that were put on the market when it was fisrt announced. One was a 30 acre patch of conifer and regen in the midlands. Had little going for it and you had to wander why on earth it was in public hands. Stupid really. Bearing in mind you have to apply for a felling licence seems straight forward to me that these woods should be in private hands and a felling licence granted on condition of replanting. Money to the government and no decrease in woodland. You could even appease those who like to wear brightly coloured kagouls at the weekend by retaining the public access. Simple as.

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    I'd rather they hadn't listened! It just shows absolute weakness to pander to an ill informed, hysterical media driven 'public opinion'. Maggie would never have suffered such foolishness!

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