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Thread: Lincolnshire firearms licensing?

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    Lincolnshire firearms licensing?

    Hi guys, Iím in the very fortunate position of falling under Wiltshire for my firearms licensing there very good and very helpful. My uncle however falls under Lincolnshire, and ah well ?!?
    My uncle has always been a keen sportsman but sold his guns and surrendered his licence some years ago. Heís now in a better position with more time etc and wants to get back into shooting. He put in his application for a shotgun certificate back in February and hasnít had any response from Lincs licensing so after a number of phone calls they eventually tracked down the application and said that it was with there local firearms officer who would be around to inspect the cabinet and meet face to face etc.
    So my question to you lot is:
    a) How long in your experiences with Lincolnshire does this take?
    b) Does anyone have the local officerís name and number for the Frampton area Nr Boston? (pm it if possible to keep it confidential ish?!?)
    Iíd imagine many of you have a good relationship with the local officer. My officer in Wiltshire ďDerekĒ is a real nice guy and always at the end of the phone for a query or question.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated

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    No experiance with lincs but notts police don't seem to be in any rush to get things done either. A friend of mine applied for his sgc in February and has heard nothing back yet. Although they managed to cash the cheque quick enough.

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    It's been outsourced.As far as I know,they're employed by G4S and are told on who's certificates to work on a day by day basis.
    They said they couldn't tell me how long a variation would take.The local gunshop said 16 weeks.

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    they are a bit on the slow side , my change of address and new certs took them nearly 2 months , but i know of a keeper that it took him nearly 4 months to get his back , but this was a few months ago

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    Cheers for the input guys,

    Yeh read about the G4 debarkle in a previous post, I spoke to Wilts to ask them if it was being rolled out countrywide and they said that as far as they know its not.

    Anyway hoping his certificate will turn up soon as im up there shortly for some pigeon shooting and the CLA gamefair.

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    Always had fantastic service and quick turnaround therefore have nothing but praise for Helen and her team.

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    No problems with Lincs in 32 years even when I have made mistakes. Always fair and efficient in my experience.

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    Glad to hear there are some good experiences with Lincs too.

    Thanks again for the comments but still no inspection or licence!

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    Just spoke to Hants and they are taking upto 5 mths, anybody who got there tickets in during march for renewal are just starting to be looked at, i.e recieved in march for renewal in june. If you need ammo, in there words you cannot borrow, so if you are about to renew, get the max you are allowed to avoid a dry spell.

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    No Demand a section 7 certificate as they are required to issue

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